INDO COMPETITION is a competition that was held by HIMATITRA (Industrial Engineering’s Student Union) Petra Christian University. This competition is about giving innovations for cash register in a less efficient supermarket. Giving innovations to a cashier also need to pay attention to the rules of industry 4.0 using automation / digitalization / computerization system.

INDO COMPETITION is an international contest about giving innovations for supermarket cashier. This event will involve students from Indonesia and another country to express their creativity in the form of an innovation plan.

This competition is totally free, you just need to read the regulation, make your innovation plan that you wished for, and submit it. Also don’t forget to attach your ID card and college student card.


    • Participant should be an active university student.
    • Each team consists of three people and their membership in the team could not be changed in the future for any particular reason.
    • Each member of the team must be registered as an undergraduate student (S1) from all major.
    • For participants from outside Petra University, members in one team should be in the same university.
    • For participants from Petra University, members in one team should be in the same major.
    • Development plan must be authentic, new, and participant’s own plan. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification and excommunication from Indo Competition permanently.
    • The decision of the Judges are absolute and can’t be protest in any way.
  • Topic: The process of shopping in supermarkets, especially at the cashier.

    Take a look at the cash register in a less efficient supermarket. The resulting outcome is a development plan document covering at least:

    1. Problem studies that include identifying the difference between reality and expectations (from the marketing’s side as well as the consumer) are also included the impacts caused by the difference. (25%)
    • Participants can identify issues in accordance with topics
    • Participants can describe expectations after fixes
    • Differentiate issues on marketing and consumer
    • Participants explain the impact given in detai
    1. Describe methods for generating ideas (solutions from the problems above). (10%)
    2. Explain the idea generation, at least give 3 alternative ideas. (30%)
    • Easy to use/flexible
    • Easy to apply
    • Durability
    • Creativity of ideas
    1. Describes the method of decision making to choose one best idea. (10%)
    2. How to apply the best ideas. (25%)
    • Preparation time
    • Cost to apply the idea
    • Complexity
  • Registration and submission

    Date                : Saturday, 28 April 2018 – Tuesday, 22 May 2018

    Place                :

    Judging period

    Date                : Wednesday, 23 May 2018 – Thursday, 31 May 2018

    Winner announcement

    Date                : Saturday, 2 June 2018

    Place                :

    The winner will also receive notification email.

    1. Perpective of your plan is important because it gives better perspective to the judges to see the originality, detail, and concept of your plan.
    2. Participant submit the document work in the form of any document application (PDF recommended).
    3. Make a serious effort to help the judges understand your plan.
    4. The target is clear: Making efficient cashier from the previous one
    5. Use your personal experience for identifying today’s customers wishes and needs within Indonesia or Asian market. Don’t forget to include the proof of observation in picture.
    6. All issues resolved without causing significant new problems.
    7. Benefit must be felt by both parties (marketing and consumer). For example: a short time in a process makes consumers happy and labor employed by the company more efficient.
    8. Quality of service should not be violated or sacrificed.
    9. The suggestion must follow the rules of industry 4.0 using automation / digitalization / computerization system and internet connection.
    10. The suggestion given should be logical based the condition of the supermarket.
    11. Detail explanation will help the Judges give additional scores
  • First place                   : Rp. 5.000.000 or $385

    Favorite 1-5                : Rp. 750.000 or $58

    *1$ = Rp. 13.000


    Note: Based on Indonesian policies, prize would be included 5% tax and transfer fee.

    • Each team must register at from 28 April 2018 to 22 May 2018. Fill in the registration form and upload all requested data (name, university, id card, student card, etc).
    • Create your plan according to the terms. Plan may be in Indonesian or English.
    • Download file format (Click here)
    • Rename the file into.

    Team name_File_University (Example: FantasticThree_DevelopmentPlan_PetraChristianUniversity)

    • Upload your files within the designated time.
    • For further question please contact us.


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Email :
Instagram : @indocompetitionpetra